Allah (SWT) has created mankind solely for the purpose of worshipping Him. Man can be described as khalifah (vicegerent) and the assistant of Allah (SWT) on the Earth.

Allah (SWT) is the creator of the whole universe. These creating powers were also instilled in human beings. These people are known as the ahl-e-takveen. The distinct people belonging to this group are involved in the organisation and administration of all Universal affairs.

The ahl-e-takveen includes ‘Ghaus’, ‘Qutab’, ‘Abdaal’ and ‘Qalandar’ and so on.

The system of ahl-e-takveen was present in the past, now, and will remain until the day of Judgement. Like Allah (SWT) did not reveal the Qur’an directly onto people’s hearts, it was conveyed through Huzoor . Likewise the universal administration is designated to these people. With the supplications of these people it rains, livelihood (rizq) is increased and people’s difficulties are removed, people’s illnesses are removed, barren people are granted offspring, unemployed get employed, hurdles are removed from people’s tasks. The people are shown the path of Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem. People are made to recognise Allah (SWT). Up until this date whenever the Muslim Ummah was inflicted with unbearable tests, these people proved to be the backbone of the Ummah. When Imam Mahdi (Alaiyhi’salaam) will arrive, these people will be the first to do his bayt, insha’Allahu Rahman.