Mention of Awliya’ Allah In The Holy Qur’an And Ahadith

Allah swt mentions the following in the Holy Qur’an:

“Friends of Allah will not have to face fear or sadness.”

The level of a friend is very high- a friend may take what he wants from a friend’s house otherwise friendship is not firm, i.e. it is an informal relationship.

Allah swt says:

“O Prophet: Allah and your followers (Mumineen) are adequate for you.”

This shows that Allah (swt) Himself says that He (SWT) and the followers of Aqaa Kareem i are sufficient, however does not say that only Allah (swt) is enough.

If someone says that Allah (swt) and Hazrat Mia Mir (Rahmat-Allah-Alaihi) are enough for me, then people say that this is shirk and barbaric.

However the reality is that they are unaware of haqeeqat-e-shirk and they say that association with Ghairullah is shirk. They themselves fall ill, so why do they then pay a visit to the doctor? When one is thirsty why does he ask for water.i.e why is one dependent on others for worldly needs, is that not then classified as an act of shirk?


“Allah (swt) grants and I distribute.”

“O son of Adam, I was hungry and you did not feed me. Man says :”O Allah how were you hungry You are Lord of all the worlds, then how do you need to eat?” Allah tala will say Your brother was hungry, if you had fed him you would have found me by his side”

Furthermore, it is mentioned in another Hadith:

“When a man draws near to me through nawafil then I love him, so much so that I become the eyes with which he sees, his ears with which he hears, hands with which he grasps, feet with with he walks.”

Allah tala says that “safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah”.

Why are safa and marwa signs of Allah? Because Bibi Hajra (RA) was not a nabi but a walia, in a particular way she ran to look for water, Allah loved this so much that he included this in the signs of Allah and the Sa’i has been rendered fardh (obligatory) on all Muslims until Qiyamah.

If by the footsteps of a walia, a piece of land can become one of the signs of Allah, then wouldn’t the land where the blessed nabi and ambiyaa layed foot on, lived , performed worship, are buried, classified as shair- ullah (signs of Allah)?

Characteristics and  Physical Appearance of Awliya Allah

One should not make haste in judging another person, in fact one should not judge at all. It is worth reinforcing that one must not be fooled by the physical appearance of Awliya Allah.


“Uncombed hair, dusty hair and body, rejected by people and if he swears by Allah his call will always be accepted by Almighty Allah (swt)”.

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