The Test and Trials of Ishq-e-Ilahi (Love for Allah (May He Be Exalted!)

When a person claims that he is an Aashiq of Allah (swt), he must be content on receipt of both the wrath and pleasure of Allah (swt) as he will be treated by both.

This can be illustrated by the events in the life of Hazrat Musa (Alayhis Salaam)

Hadrat Musa (Alayhis Salaam) was first left in a river, then captured by enemies, after this a man was murdered by his hands, only after these experiences was he granted Nabuwat (Prophethood).

To be put into trials is not something to be complained of; in fact one should be thankful for this.

There are numerous blessings in going through problems and difficult times if one has the correct attitude, and a heart full of sabr (patience and forbearance) and shukar (gratitude).

Through these tests, man comes out stronger, more mature and robust than he was ever before.

The qualities which are hidden within us are revealed during hardship, which is an advantage of being in trials.


One day someone said in front of Huzoor . “So and so is very wealthy, he has wives, kids, camels, sheep and goats, and on top of this he has never fallen ill. Then Huzoor SAW said: “Stay well away from his company, as his iman is weak.”

Remember that Awliya Allah (swt) must undergo three forms of tests; these may occur individually or simultaneously:

1) ‘Illat’.

2) ‘Killat’.

3) ‘Zillat’.

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam (RAA) said: sabr during hard times is what the feeble, women and the eunuch do, real men are always in a state of gratitude.”

The Ambiyaa (Messengers and Prophets) and Awliya (friends of Allah) (Rahmat-Allah-Alaihi) are subject to be tested rigorously by Allah (swt) in proportion to their level of faith in order to test their love and sincerity.

Ishq is a very demanding state and matter and entails extreme hardships and sacrifices with regards to one’s life and soul. Thus if one seeks to follow this path, one must think very carefully and be mentally prepared.

For instance, Hazrat Ibrahim (Alayhis Salaam) was an aashiq, his (Alayhis Salaam) love was tested vigorously. He achieved success in every test. He was thrown in fire, had to leave his wife, kids and country, was given the command to sacrifice his beloved son with his very own hands, this is certainly not a simple test. When Allah tala makes someone His own, he doesn’t let him become someone elses. When He swt saw that when he became distracted and overwhelmed by love for his son, he was commanded to sacrifice this son.

Similarly, Allah paak noticed that Hazrat Yaqoob (Alayhis Salaam) loved his son very much, so made Hadhrat Yusuf (Alayhis Salaam) thrown into a well and imprisoned. In this way father was made separate from son. When a person loves something other than Allah then Allah paaks sense of honor and pride comes into action. Like ambiyaa (Alayhis Salaam) Awliya Ikraam are also tested, whoever claims and declares his true love for Almighty Allah (swt) must be well prepared to undergo three types of trials, which, as has been mentioned previously are meant for tests of sincerity:

Remember that Awliya Allah (swt) must undergo three forms of tests; these may occur individually or simultaneously:

1) ‘Illat’- tests related to financial issues- such as the experiencing of financial constraints, insecurity and difficulties.

2) ‘Killat’- tests related to ones health, separation from loved ones, or being cheated on, deceived, let down or hurt by others.

3) ‘Zillat’- Being the recipient of injustice or false accusations.

These may take place one after another (in any order) or even simultaneously at any point in one’s life.

Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur’an:

“Assuredly ye will be tried in your property and in your persons, and ye will hear much wrong from those who were given the Scripture before you, and from the idolaters. But if ye persevere and ward off evil, then that is of the steadfast heart of things.”

(Surah Al-Imran: 186)

Huzoor i was tested the most, who was formed first of all by the noor of Allah, and is the reason why the universe was created. He was made orphan in his childhood, had to bear the taunts, abuse by people, He i was tortured physically, was wrongly accused, and on many occasions his body would become full of blood. He was trapped in a valley for three years with his beloved wife Hadrat Khadijah (RAA). Had to tolerate hunger, had to leave his home and relatives, and had to migrate. This was inflicted by none others.his very own relatives, had to tolerate the false accusation and grief abton Hadhrat Aisha RAA, had to bury his own two sons with his own hands. In ghazwas he syated hunry and ws wounded. Was tested with illness, was effected by jadoo, had to tolerate the conspiracies of hypocrites, was given poision and attempts of murder. All these rigorous tests fell upon the very figure that Allah himself sends durood on and all the angels send durood on. This is certainly a pint to think about.

Whovever makes the claim of love for Allah, he will have to go through rigorous tests and hurdles. This is the principle of Allah. If one does sabr on these tests then he gets a high status, if does shukr then gets the best status. The people of Allah are happy on receipt of each test that their friend has sent a gift, Thank you Allah!

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