Peerzada Dr.Haroon Ur Rashid Kashmiri has given his Khilafat to below mentioned persons.

Rizwan Mazhar

Rizwan Mazhar was introduced to Doctor Haroon Sahib by his maternal uncle Hamid Hassan Rahmani Sahib in 2011. Rizwan Mazhar was very impressed by knowledgeable, honest and straightforward personality of Doctor Sahib. He read all the books of Doctor Sahib and really liked simple and easy to understand teaching style about different aspects of Islam. Rizwan did bait and became a student and working member of Doctor Sahib non-profit organization team named Noor-e-Darwesh.

This organization regularly conducts spiritual get together named Mehfil Zikr o fikr focusing on promoting the blessed teachings of Islam under guidance of Doctor Haroon Sahib. Also under leadership of Doctor Haroon Sahib, Noor-e-Darwesh food supply program on monthly basis supplies food ration to poor and needy families of their area. In addition to this now Noor-e-Darwesh has started a skill development training program for working members of these poor families so that they can increase their income and become self-sufficient. With Generous Help and Blessings of Allah and Dua of Rasul Allah (SAW) Noor-e-Darwesh organization continues to maintain and also expand their welfare work network each year Alhamdulillah.​

Rizwan Mazhar did his graduation in Business Administration from USA and came back to Pakistan with intention of serving our homeland. He is settled in Lahore, Pakistan with his family and by profession he is a businessman.

Waqas Ali

In 2010, I was viewing a documentary in which I came to know that there are spiritual people still present in the world around us.

Through this documentary I came to know more about Sufi Barkat Ali (R.A).I read his books and I felt some kind of attachment with him. At that particular time I was not aware of relation among Sufi Barkat Ali and Peerzada Dr. Haroon. I feel like I was directed to Dr.Saab, but till today can’t figure it out how?​

Before Bayt, I was always in pursuit of something inside me but never knew exactly what I was looking for. I repeatedly got lost in that search which made me feel lower, negative and disappointed. I was in fact, miserable, empty and completely lost, with no clue how to get out of it. I believe finding our inner self is not a comfortable process, never will it be without the murshid.​

After Bayt, I learn the importance of being non-judgmental and appreciative towards others. I got to know how to meditate and what changes can it bring in one’s life. Finally, I have restored my faith as I firmly believe that people with faith are much happier and relaxed because they know that they are not alone.

I have done MBA from UK and live in Bradford, UK with my family. 

Faizan Ziad

I have been honoured with Khalafat from my murshad kareem Peerzada Dr Haroon-ur-Rashid kashmiri ( silsila Owaisia Muhammadia). I live in UAE. I run my own company (exhibition and fit-out works). I try my best to fulfil my spiritual responsibilities.

Before Bait, my life was different. I was not regular in praying and was always indulged in worldly matters. I was not so much religious. My thoughts were materialistic.

After bait I felt a change in my thoughts. My life changed totally. I start feeling Love and respect for Ummah.  I feel bad and guilty if I do something wrong or if I hurt someone. Bait itself means that we should follow the instructions of our Murshad and his prayers will do the rest in improving us morally and religiously. Alhamdulilah, Allah SWT  has blessed me a lot after bait because of my Murshad’s prayers. For me, bait is like a shelter of love, care and responsibility. This is the key of success for this world and hereafter.

Muhammad Zahid Butt

Muhammad Zahid Butt lives in London, UK. He is the most senior Khalifa. He is a good ‘Naat khawan’.

Allah SWT has blessed him spiritually and many people have got shifa from his ‘dast-e-shifa’.

He has been actively involved in arranging spiritual get-togethers in London.

He is a very humble and pious person.

Muhammad Raza Mohiuddin

Muhammad Raza Mohaiuddin completed his MBA in 2004  from Lahore and possess an overall 18 years experience in Banking and telecom sector.

He  got Khilafat from Doctor sahab in 2012.

He is currently looking after Noor e Darwesh Dry food charity work along with Rizwan Mazhar sahab in Lahore.

He is responsible for all activities of Noor-e-Darwesh in Pakistan. He is currently working on Nooredarwesh Pakistan website along with Rizwan Mazhar. It will be available soon.

Chaudhary Muhammad Jamil

I work in Pakistan’s Electrical Department and run a small poultry business in Lahore, Pakistan. I feel myself very blessed and lucky that I have been chosen as Dr.Haroon Kashmiri’s Caliph (Khalifa).

From my childhood I had interest in islamic gatherings and listening to islamic history and often use to recite Adhaan in my local mosque and I was a regular visitor at Hazrat Data Gunj Bakhsh’s shrine for Fateha. With the passage of time I got busy with the worldly life but when I met Dr Haroon he reminded me the real meaning of life and Aakhira (afterlife) which we forget most of the time by getting busy in this world.

I was introduced to Dr Haroon by my elder son in law Mr Waqas Ali who is also Dr Haroon’s caliph(Khalifa). Since I met Dr Haroon Kashmiri, he brought patience and stability in my life. He guided me the right path to follow. He explained the importance and blessings of reciting Darood-e-Paak and now Darood-e-Paak is the part of my daily routine. When I started reciting Darood-e-Paak on regular basis few incidents happened with me like whenever I use to go for Jummah prayer I used to feel that this Khutbah I have attended already or I have been the part of certain incidents. After discussing these with my murshid Dr Haroon, he explained that this is all Darood-e-Paak’s blessings.

When Dr Haroon accepted me in his bait I never thought that one day I will be his caliph and within 1 year of my bait I have been announced as one of his caliph(Khalifa) In 2017, I arranged the Darood o Salam’s mehfil at my residence in Lahore and my Murshid Dr Haroon was watching live through video call. Before dua he made an announcement that from now I will be his Caliph(Khalifa). I was in shock with teary eyes because I never thought about this and I never thought that I am capable of this title and post but I accepted this with full gratitude.

Since I have been under Dr Haroon’s guidance I often visit Hazrat Mian Mir Sarkaar and find inner peace.

Hafiz Rafaq Ali Sajjan

Profession = online Quran teaching
Website =

I used to recite Nasheets since childhood. My Friend Zain Butt introduced me to Nooredarwesh. I started attending spiritual get-togethers of Waqas Hamza sahib at Arslan Ziad’s residence. 

I used to go to many ‘Mohafil’ but Nooredarwesh’s spiritual get-together was different and amazing. I came to know what is Respect (Adab), spirituality (Rohaniat) and divine blessings of attending the ‘Mohafil’. I also learned how to do ‘Zikr’ and where to focus or concentrate during ‘Zikr’.

I learned a lot from Peerzada Dr Haroon’s books. I got the books and did not get time to read them. When i read these books, my thoughts and feelings changed. I came to know the reality of spiritualism, the way of divinity and Sufism. I did not know much about ‘Tasawwuf’ before and used to think that this is a thing of past.  It leads me to take my ‘Bait’ in Silsila Owaisia Muhammadia.​

It has totally changed my life. I have learnt about charity, rights of people and blessings of reading darood-e-paak. I have been supervising “Nooredarwesh Dastar Khawn” on every Sunday since 4 years in Lahore. Anyone can come and eat as hunger feeling is same for everyone whether he is rich or poor, muslim or non-muslim.​

May Allah SWT bless Silsila Owaisia Muhammadia, Nooredawesh mission and Karwan-e-Ishq-e-Muhammadi (Sallallaho alehe wa aalehi wasallam). May Allah SWT give us the strength to fulfil our duties and serve Ummah more efficiently.

Arslan Ziad

I live in London, UK. I have done MBA. I work as a Manager in a hotel. I did bait in 2009.

Since my bait, there has been a big change in myself, my thinking and my concept about the life of this world. I have realized the purpose of life after bait because I had been living without a realistic purpose. My way of thinking towards the world and life has completely changed. I have started considering the eternal world and life hereafter in my day to day life as this worldly life is nothing but an illusion.

I was blessed with khilafat of Owaisia Silsila by my Murshid kreem in 2011.

I am responsible for conducting Mehfil-e-Zikr-o-Fikr on regularly basis in London, UK. I have devoted myself to the Mission of Noor e Darwesh to spread Darood e Pak, and love, peace & harmony among mankind.