Lover or Beloved?

One time, Allah (swt) asked Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA): “Do you want to be the beloved or the lover”. Allah (swt) gave him twenty four hours to answer this question.

In the meantime Hazrat Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) was very anxious and worried about what reply to give. He heard a voice: “On the one hand you have worshipped and achieved your goal, but you are finding it so difficult to answer such a simple question?!”  Hazrat Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) turned his head towards the voice. He saw a faker wearing torn old rags standing outside an old shop with fire ignited. Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) was most surprised as to how this man came to know of something confidential between Allah (swt) and himself. At that point he understood that this fakeer is surely a wali’ Allah (swt). The fakeer offered to help Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) in making a decision for his answer and asked him to visit him the following day at 12 am midnight.

The next day Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) arrived at the place, however the fakeer was not to be seen anywhere. Ghaus-e-Pak (Rahma) enquired from the local people as to the whereabouts of the fakeer. Much to Hazrat Ghaus-e-Paak’s (Rahmat-Allah-Alaihi) surprise, people informed him that the fakeer was a criminal, had committed numerous crimes including murder and had been arrested today, had been placed on a donkey and taken around town to shame him, then he had been hanged and his body has been cut into pieces thrown in a dumping place for crows and eagles to feed on- so that people may learn a moral lesson from this ruthless man.

Hazrat Ghaus-Pak (RAA) was very surprised to hear this.

Hazrat Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) went to where the pieces of the fakeer’s body were discarded. As he walked closer, the pieces began to move, until they came together causing the crows and eagles to fly away, and the Fakeer sat up in his original form. As he sat up he chanted: “Now have you seen the outcome of true love?! my whole life I have been made to beg, was taken around on a donkey around the bazaar, was made to be abused by people, gave me the name of a criminal and rascal and caused me to hang and made my body be torn to pieces and thrown in the dump! You possess a very delicate nature, how will you ever be able to endure such extreme malicious torment, just how?”

Being the beloved of the Almighty is a very delicate matter. How can one be bold enough and worthy enough to ask to be the beloved by the Almighty Allah (SWT)?

Therefore, it is wise not to desire to be the lover or the beloved. The best thing is to request Almighty Allah (swt) to choose whatever he wishes for oneself and then accept whatever that may be. Say to Allah: “ O Allah You are the Lord, it is your choice, whatever you choose I will accept, I am incapable for asking for myself.”

 He chanted this phrase and laid on the ground. His body fell apart into pieces again.

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Pak (RAA) collected the pieces in his chador and brought them to his khaanqa (sanctuary). He gave the pieces Ghusl (ritual bath) by his own hands and said the prayers for Namaaz-e-Janaazah. He then buried the pieces in his khaanqa.

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-pak (Rahmat-Allah-Alaihi) ordered: Whosoever wishes to visit me must visit the Mazhaar of this blessed fakeer first and recite Fatihah, then he may come to me. The same is to be on ones departure.This practice still holds firm today.

© 2019 Noor-e-Darwesh  – Silsila Owaisia Muhammadia – Kaarwan-e-Ishq-e-Muhammadi