Noor-e-Darwesh Dry Food Charity

Noor-e-Darwesh organization along with eWorx International (Pvt) Ltd started its Food supply charity on January 1st, 2017 by providing cooked food to Poor people identified by our teams at their doorstep on daily basis free of cost.

About 100 people are getting Dry food supplies from Noor-e-Darwesh Alhamdulillah. We provide dry food mostly to widows and disabled people. Most of these ladies have 4 to 5 small kids and have no source of income. These people are highly deserving and deprived of basic necessities like food and basic health facilities.

Even, shelter is a problem to these families, as half of them are living in rental properties and hardly earn to meet the rent expense.
Alhamdulillah, Noor-e-Darwesh has been source of relief to these orphans.

One Madrassa and eleven families are adopted for this purpose.

We continued this cooked food supply for more than six months and then converted this to dry food plan (Monthly Rashan) to these people on their door step. This saved our time and extra efforts to utilize our resources in a smart way and also ease to adopted families.

Noor-e-Darwesh dry food charity is different from Noor-e-Darwesh Dastarkhuwan which provides cooked food in an open area to poor and hungry people on weekly basis.

In Dry food Charity below mentioned items are being given to poor families under the supervision of Mr.Rizwan Mazhar and Mr.Muhammad Raza Mohaiuddin.

For further details, Tel: +92 333 4584085

Noor-e-Darwesh Dry Food PlanItems / RatesFor Families with More Than 6 to 7 personsFor Families with Less than 6 to 7 PersonsProposed Plan for Madrissa
SR#Item NameQuantityQuantityQuantity
1Flour20 KG10 KG40 KG
2Sugar5 Kg5 Kg10 KG
3Rice5 Kg5 Kg10 KG
4Cooking Oil5 Litre5 Litre10 Litre
5Daal Chana1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
6Daal Mash1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
7Daal Masoor1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
8Daal Moong1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
9Sabat Masar1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
10Black Chanay1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
11White Chanay1 KG0.5 kg3 Kg
12Dry Milk1 KG1 Kg0
13Tea500 Grams380 Grams0
Families being servedNo of Families
Families with more than 5 persons5
Families with less than 5 persons6