Silsila Owaisia

This is the process whereby a disciple (salik or mureed) obtains spiritual knowledge from a physically absent or deceased soul. This involves the transfer of spiritual blessings (faiz).

This is that link through which Hadthrat Owais Qarni (Radi’Allah’Ta’ala hu anhu) obtainted blessings and knowledge from Rasul’Allah صلی الله علیہ وسلّم .The concept behind Taswwur-e-Shaykh is the same as this.

Hazrat Owais Qarni (R.A) was a true lover of Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), whose supplications were to ask for Allah (Subhana wa ta’ ala) only. As a result of his great love, he will be at the level of heaven where he will always be able to see Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala). Subhan’Allah.

He loved Rasul’allah صلی الله علیہ وسلّم  to such an extent that when he heard that Rasul’allah       صلی الله علیہ وسلّمhad lost his blessed tooth in the Ghazwa Uhud. He picked up a stone from the ground and broke his own tooth with it. However, as he did not know exactly which tooth the Holy Prophet  صلی الله علیہ وسلّم  had lost; he broke all his teeth one by one.

The blessings of Nisbat Owaisiyah can be obtained via three sources:

  1. Via angles
  2. Through the souls of prophets and messengers (alaihe slam)
  3. Via the souls of the friends of Allah (Subhana wa ta’ala)

Whoever gains the spiritual connection and spiritual knowledge from a physically absent master, is called ‘Owaisi’. The Owaisiyah spiritual system focus on having spiritual connections with the holy prophet Hadhrat Muhammad صلی الله علیہ وسلّم or other prophets and great saints who have passed away from this world, or the genuine saints who are still alive, but residing very far and it is very difficult to teach them physically. The Owaisi Sufi has no living Shaikh to guide his journey but he is guided by Allah Ta’ala or Hadhrat Khidhr (a.slam). This kind of spiritual connection has no limitations in time and space and it is known as ‘Nisbat-e-Owaisiyah’.

Tajdar-e-Dar-ul-Ehsan Hazrat Muhammad Barkat Ali (Quddas sirra-ul-Aziz) gained spiritual knowledge from Makhdum Ala-ud-Din Ali Ahmad As-sabir (Sabir Piyaa Sarkaar) rahmatullah Alayhi, by regular attendance at the Khanqah in Kalyar in In India, while serving in the Royal British Army. So, he (Rahmatullah Alayhi) was blessed through Silsila Owaisia .